Thursday, February 17, 2011

K3d Rhosneigr Wave 2011 --- 1st place!!

Just came back from a fun weekend at the second SWA competition of the season in Rhossneigr. After missing most of the wind recently I was just happy to get a sail in. Got a sweet session on my 5.6 Vandal Riot, and Fanatic Allwave 92!

When we first got to the beach on saturday after a particularly beered up Friday night, it didn't look so great, but it turned out that some of the sets that were coming through were a pretty descent size head+. Here's a smaller one!!

The wind was dodgy side on force 3, but as the day and competition progressed It ended up turning to sideshore DTL overhead waves. I had a great day a big thanks to Bangor and Birmingham uni for sorting everything out, and Funsport for their help throughout the event.
Enjoying a post windsurf pint!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo's by Duncan Dumbreck and Sarah Arts

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