Tuesday, November 30, 2010

K3d Wave X 2010 --- 1st place!!

Just hit Cornwall for the Exeter wave X (1st part of the three part SWA wave series sponsored by K3d masts).

We sailed Teignmouth in a NNE... in some sketchy conditions with waist high waves. At the end of the day the wind picked up a little bit making it jumpable.

Sounds like they had an epic party on the Saturday night, the SWA wave trilogy events always get an awesome turnout even when the conditions don't play ball, with loads of people just turning up for the party alone!!

Gutted that I missed the Saturday night Rave, but really pleased with a 1st place considering the conditions and temperature (2°C)!!!

Next comp is Bangor in February!!!

(Thanks to Javier Choi and some random people from whom I stole photos through facebook!!!)

Friday, November 26, 2010


Just had two great sessions at Highcliff

Day 1... Got there at 3ish (High tide, Side shore 25knots, logo high in the sets), so only had a couple of hours...We got some cool GoPro footage though.

Day 2... Went really early (Mid tide, Side onshore 18knots, Head high in the sets) to try and catch the rapidly disappearing wind and waves from the previous day... Managed to take turns and get a load of footage from the beach.

Mashed all the footage together and squeezed out the video below, didn't get to include all of the footage, I've saved some for another vid....

Anyhow enjoy!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Highcliff ---- All Time --- Logo High

Here's a few screen shots from this morning (the small wave session) ---Video Soon

Just came back from a session at Highcliff with Mike Archer and Mike Ellis, It was pretty damn fun.

Waist to head high and side shore(ish), got some fun waves and even managed to land a backie!!

It was Thursday that really stole the show, Solid logo high Side-shore 4.7m weather, All time Highcliff!!!

We got plenty of footage, so I'm going to put together the footage from the last few days to make a Highcliff video!!!!! keep watching this space!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gwithian BWA event!!!!

Did the BWA event in Cornwall the other day. Placed 9th in the Pro's!!!

I was originally going to enter the amateurs, as port tack wave riding is not really my speciality, but it turned out I had to sail in the Pro's on Friday as I had to be back at UNI for Friday evening!!

It all went pretty wrong in the single. The format was 'Best two Waves to count'...

In my current state of unfittness i reckoned that I could probably just about function for the entire 20 minutes heat, I went out sailed caught one OK wave and One pretty descent (for me) wave, but wasn't expecting much as I had to come above either Jamie Hancock or Phil Horrocks. Nevertheless I came in happy to have filled my scorecard!!

When I hit the shallows on my way in, the rescue guy on the rescue ski (who was really good all weekend) just said to me 'The heats just restarted'... I had no idea why and was pretty pissed off, as I'd just managed to get two pretty good waves. In my second 'first' heat I got destroyed by my lack of fitness, failed to ride anything descent, and couldn't wait to come in.

I was pretty grumpy for the rest of the afternoon : - (

Then in the double I managed to sail a little better, despite some pretty poor sail choices and dodgy, side onshore logo high waves I managed to get back to 9th overall

Learnt some lessons
1. Get Fitter
2. Have 2 sails rigged
3. I no longer have Portackaphobia

Friday, July 16, 2010

Kefalos Freestyle

I'm off to Kefalos in Kos tomorrow for the next 10 days, so I hope to improve my freestyle a bit.
I'll put a video together and post it on the Blog, Kos is cool, but it's usually 5.7m weather, so should be a bit of a shock after 3 weeks in Pozo!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Been sailing at Vargas a bit recently, full respect to Koster, Skyeboy, Nayra and all the other locals, as it's definitely a lot harder to find ramps there.

Here are some photos of Vargas over the last few days, not great waves, but a lot of fun to practise stalled forwards and some frontside wave riding.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pozo, Getting better!!!!

Pozo's getting better. Sadly Adam and Ed have got to go to Fuerte to train for the freestyle event that Adam's gonna be competing in next month.

Pozo was pretty fun today, with some good ramps. Sadly though it was gusty underpowered 4.2m weather.

Here's another quick video that I've put together, I'm hoping to keep the videos pretty regular this year. Anyhow, here it is......

I've also promised that i will try some port tack doubles before the end of the week, If I land one I can Double on both tacks which is a pretty cool claim!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pozo Waves -- Finally

There's actually some waves predicted now, should get some proper jumping in at last. Also this means that the PWA event should provide some descent entertainment with some big ramps to hit.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quiet Pozo

The last couple of days have been freestyle conditions by Pozo standards, so I've had some much needed rest.

Tomorrow looks like it could be our first proper 3.7 day, so figures crossed it will be windy.

Here are a couple of photos taken by Sarah Bibby last week on another small day.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pozo First Week

Out in Pozo for three weeks, after the first week my forwards are getting better on my wrong tack, landed a few planing the other night. Woop. Adam Sims, Ed Chapman and Mike Archer have come to stay to, so there's a bit more banter on the water now.
At the end of last nights session I slipped out the back foot strap on a forward, and hurt my ankle a bit, so I'm taking it easy today, and decided to use my time to make a blog, so here's a little footage of Pozo a few days ago, on my Vandal Enemy 4.2, and Fanatic New wave 75.

It's not really been classic Pozo, as you can probably see in the video. : - (, but it's a hell of a lot better than the south coast at the moment!!!!