Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gwithian BWA event!!!!

Did the BWA event in Cornwall the other day. Placed 9th in the Pro's!!!

I was originally going to enter the amateurs, as port tack wave riding is not really my speciality, but it turned out I had to sail in the Pro's on Friday as I had to be back at UNI for Friday evening!!

It all went pretty wrong in the single. The format was 'Best two Waves to count'...

In my current state of unfittness i reckoned that I could probably just about function for the entire 20 minutes heat, I went out sailed caught one OK wave and One pretty descent (for me) wave, but wasn't expecting much as I had to come above either Jamie Hancock or Phil Horrocks. Nevertheless I came in happy to have filled my scorecard!!

When I hit the shallows on my way in, the rescue guy on the rescue ski (who was really good all weekend) just said to me 'The heats just restarted'... I had no idea why and was pretty pissed off, as I'd just managed to get two pretty good waves. In my second 'first' heat I got destroyed by my lack of fitness, failed to ride anything descent, and couldn't wait to come in.

I was pretty grumpy for the rest of the afternoon : - (

Then in the double I managed to sail a little better, despite some pretty poor sail choices and dodgy, side onshore logo high waves I managed to get back to 9th overall

Learnt some lessons
1. Get Fitter
2. Have 2 sails rigged
3. I no longer have Portackaphobia

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