Thursday, April 7, 2011


I've got a new website!!!!

It needs a Bit of Tweaking here and there, but should be finished soon. Check out my new post, with links to all of Sam Burnett's articles

Just like to thank Ali hardy at for all of his help designing it.

SWA K3d Wave Champion 2011

The SWA winter wave series is now over, and after plenty of waves and beers I was crowned the SWA wave champion for 2011. I'm super chuffed to Win this against some tough competition.

Below are links to articles written by Sam Burnett for each event

Thursday, March 3, 2011

K3d Cardiff Wave 2011 --- 1st place!! 3 out of 3

Just got some time to update my blog (Uni 4th year sucks)!!

Had the third and final SWA wave event last weekend, I was super happy to win against Seb Willis, Carlos and MC yeates, who were all sailing well. Wave selection was key as picking the right wave on the point at Trecco meant a head high 6-10 bottom turn ride with a nice ariel finish!!!

Come 7:30am Saturday morning and we all regretted agreeing at 3am (whilst pissed) that we should get up this early to get to Trecco early for the rising tide. We all did get there early as we were worried the waves would dissapear as the tide dropped, but as usual we were wrong.

Sarah, dodgey light morning session

Stef going late

I headed out at about 9:30am with Stef Hilder, Sarah Bibby and Mike Ellis, and found that it was side-side-on 5 knots with head high waves, and generally just a massive ballache, still we all managed to get a few nice turns. When it hit high tide at 12ish I went to get a drink (in an attempt to wash the previous nights Jagermeister from my tastebuds), however, as the tide started to drop the sets just looked better and better and the wind swung side off (massive WIN). Really excited, everyone headed out for the competition.. It got better and better and peaked in the 30 mins or so after the final, when I got some of the most fun waves I've ever had. Here's a bunch of photo's from the day, I might put some of the better ones up once i get them in full quality.

Thanks to Simon Hobbs, Josh Daly, Harry Clegg and Jav Choi for the sweet photos!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

K3d Rhosneigr Wave 2011 --- 1st place!!

Just came back from a fun weekend at the second SWA competition of the season in Rhossneigr. After missing most of the wind recently I was just happy to get a sail in. Got a sweet session on my 5.6 Vandal Riot, and Fanatic Allwave 92!

When we first got to the beach on saturday after a particularly beered up Friday night, it didn't look so great, but it turned out that some of the sets that were coming through were a pretty descent size head+. Here's a smaller one!!

The wind was dodgy side on force 3, but as the day and competition progressed It ended up turning to sideshore DTL overhead waves. I had a great day a big thanks to Bangor and Birmingham uni for sorting everything out, and Funsport for their help throughout the event.
Enjoying a post windsurf pint!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo's by Duncan Dumbreck and Sarah Arts